Leon Does CEDIA 2011, ft. Krell Modulari Ion

I’m sure it’s no big news now that Leon is going to CEDIA in a big way.  From what I hear, our booth (#5154) is erected and speakers are being tested as I write.  If you’re reading this and attending CEDIA, I’m sure we’ll see you there.  For the rest of you, here’s a taste of what you might be missing…

Of course, the Legendary Trithon will be making an appearance.

It is, I think, truly legendary.

The SEVENS, of course, will be on display.

The wenge-aluminum-MDF SEVENS represent the apex of art and audio.

As well as our new award-winning AX-V5 and AX-V6 speakers:

The Award-Winning AX-V6 and AX-V6 feature swappable round and square grills to look great anywhere!

In addition to the rest of our product line, we’ve also brought something very special.  The first five Krell Modulari Ion speakers from our shop.  And here you go!  A first look at what will be on display at Krell Industries’ booth–right across the aisle from ours.

Closeup showing the baffle detail of the first ever Krell Modulari Ion.

Yep, that's all five of 'em. Pretty sharp, yes?

So, be sure to stop by the booth and say hi this weekend!  I’ve gotta go pack!


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