Leon Does CEDIA 2011, ft. Krell Modulari Ion

I’m sure it’s no big news now that Leon is going to CEDIA in a big way.  From what I hear, our booth (#5154) is erected and speakers are being tested as I write.  If you’re reading this and attending CEDIA, I’m sure we’ll see you there.  For the rest of you, here’s a taste of what you might be missing…

Of course, the Legendary Trithon will be making an appearance.

It is, I think, truly legendary.

The SEVENS, of course, will be on display.

The wenge-aluminum-MDF SEVENS represent the apex of art and audio.

As well as our new award-winning AX-V5 and AX-V6 speakers:

The Award-Winning AX-V6 and AX-V6 feature swappable round and square grills to look great anywhere!

In addition to the rest of our product line, we’ve also brought something very special.  The first five Krell Modulari Ion speakers from our shop.  And here you go!  A first look at what will be on display at Krell Industries’ booth–right across the aisle from ours.

Closeup showing the baffle detail of the first ever Krell Modulari Ion.

Yep, that's all five of 'em. Pretty sharp, yes?

So, be sure to stop by the booth and say hi this weekend!  I’ve gotta go pack!


More outdoor hi-fi, custom teak Pr-404s.

This next pair–representing two of four total outdoor speakers–was built for Electronics By Design in Colorado.  This truly custom design features solid teak molding, powder-coated steel grills, and custom articulating mounting brackets from MoView Mounts capable of supporting 200+ pounds (much, much more than the weight of these cabinets).

The all teak cabinets featured perforated steel grills.

The cabinets come stocked with weather-resistant woofers and tweeters from Peerless and SEAS, which will bring the high-quality sound of Leon to the great outdoors.

A nice touch: the rear of the cabinets feature matching teak covers to keep water from entering the terminal cup.


Leon at the CEA Line Shows, NYC

If you follow Leon on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that we recently displayed at the CEA Line Shows at 7 West 34th St.  Maybe you caught us in the press: Home Theater Magazine, Custom Retailer, Big Picture Sound, or the CEA Blog.  Here’s the executive summary: we killed it.  For the long (but worthwhile) version, keep reading.

Leon Speakers Trithon REYN Panel

Yeah, our booth was cooler than anyone else's.

It all began, as it always does, with Noah Kaplan and team brainstorming outrageous ideas, which are then subjected to the constraints of mechanics, budget, and time.  In the end, two very important sketches came out–as well as a concept to tie the whole installation together.

Probably the most interesting thing that emerged was the Trithon REYN Panel–the three-legged future-retro TV monster.  According to Noah, it represents an outgrowth of three influences: the Moisse Phantascope,  the 1915  tripod stand on which it sits, and the 1959 Philco Predicta.  So, how do you build one of these?

Noah Kaplan's original sketch of the Trithon REYN Panel

First you stretch the real python skin around the frame for the inlay–a job completed by Noah himself.  Next, do a dry assembly of the frame to make sure it all fits:

Rob Waissi and Bryan Lancaster do a dry fit of the cabinetry for the Trithon REYN Panel

After that, add a nice dark mahogany stain, put all the electronics inside, and perch it atop the tripod using a pair of Timken precision ball bearings.

Timken precision bearings (made in Michigan!) supported the mass of the Trithon REYN Panel.

Finally, route all the cables neatly in the umbilical cord and plug it in–simple, eh?

Matt Wilken, Joe Shaheen, and Rob Waissi attaching the REYN Panel to the tripod base.

The other Leon product highlight of the show was surely the redesigned Pr-SEVENS–making their official debut at the CEA Line Shows.  I’ll save the details of their design and construction for another day, but here’s a nice look at the pair.

Noah Kaplan's original sketch of the wenge SEVENS for the CEA line show.

The finished pair of SEVENS for the CEA Line Show 2011

In addition to all the work that went on at the show, Noah also took the time to give a live art and music performance at the “Women in CE” event, showing off his fabulously fast brush skills to create a painting of  Josephine Baker which was auctioned off to raise money for the ELF Foundation.  The buyer was Mickey Chadha of Saga Electronics, who plans to create a Leon showroom around the piece.

Noah Kaplan with Micky Chadha of Saga Electronics, finished painting in the background.

Well, that’s about it, except for the fact that our HUGE crate would not fit in the lift to the 11th floor, so we had to haul all the individual boxes across the exposition hall, down the freight elevator and load out on the sidewalk…

Joe, Rob, and Ana loading the crate on 35th St.


Custom Outdoor Pr-606s

Recently we’ve started doing a lot of outdoor speakers.  This order of 10 custom outdoor Pr-606s is one of the best of the bunch.

The outdoor speakers begin as raw MDF cabinets, which are puttied, transformed into a robot, dismantled, double primed, double vinyl sealed, primed again, and double (or triple) painted.  Basically, there’s no way water is getting in.

After a brief transformation into a robot, it was off to the paint department.

As far as the technology that’s inside, the custom Pr-606s feature our stock Peerless 6″ HDS woofers, which are happily weather-resistant, as well as a SEAS aluminum-magnesium dome tweeter.

One of the many strobe-white Pr-606s

The custom Pr-606s featured matching perf-metal grills.

Not-pictured (oops) the custom swivel-mount brackets!  And, that’s all for now.  CEA Line Show recap coming soon.  And just ignore this: AN55QUUHQ9VM…


Leon Speakers One of “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch”

Leon added another trophy to the Plasmantle last week: Michigan 50 Companies to Watch.  Noah and Ethan Kaplan attended the formal event,  sponsored by the Edward Lowe Foundation and presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business.  Governor Rick Snyder was also in attendance as the keynote speaker.

The Michigan 50 award sits nicely next to others from Inside Track, CEPro, and CustomRetailer.

Says Noah:  “We’re extremely grateful to be recognized as a ‘Michigan 50 Companies to Watch’ honoree, particularly among such an esteemed group of companies.”  

President Noah Kaplan (front and center )among the happy recipients.

The Michigan 50 award honors second-stage growth companies in all industries, with between 6 and 99 employees and annual revenue between $750,000 and $50 million.

Noah Kaplan represented on the big screen.

In the shop right now, it sure feels like we’re in a major growth phase.  The new Horizon Ultra-Thin speakers are taking off in a big way, and numbers are up across the board.

So what’s next?  Well, there are a lot of things in the works–most of which I’m not allowed to talk about.  But soon, I’ll be announcing the re-voicing of some of our reference lines, updates about the CEA Line Show in NYC, and who knows what else!  Any guesses about what this might be?

Yep, we built this recently. But I can't even tell you what it is!